about BFG

Who we are

Started in 2019 running local Tekken meet ups, we are a registered not-for-profit organisation consisting of a volunteer committee and volunteer staff. Our mission is to provide social venues for young adults to combat social isolation and grow the FGC (fighting gaming community) of Melbourne, Australia by providing events and support for players.

See our Organisation Charter for more on our planned direction and values.

What we do

We run social events for players to meet up locally to play and practice multiplayer fighting games. These are known as 'locals'.

We run two main locals regularly, one at GGEZ Bar in the City on Thursday nights with a rotation of single game tournaments, and one at The Dock on the first Saturday of each month. Both events are highly accessible by public transport or car, with wheelchair access and nearby food options.

See more about our Events, or our Calendar for dates.

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